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If you would like to enhance your skills on recognising and treating pain in children – RB For Health will be offering free webinars on the subject as part of their 2016 education programme.


These are free, dedicated pharmacy webinars all about understanding, recognising and treating headache in children and can be used as part of your CPD.


What is a Webinar ?

A live seminar or workshop over the internet.

All training is shared direct to the comfort of your own pharmacy.


Webinar dates and start times:

  • Tuesday 8th of November 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 9th of November 7.30pm
  • Tuesday 22nd of November 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 23rd of November at 6.30pm


To register, please visit www.rbforhealth.co.uk/webinars

To register yourself and/or other members of your pharmacy team, and for more information on headache in children training, go to www.rbforhealth.co.uk/webinars.


Don’t forget, RB webinars CAN count towards your CPD

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