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Another programme from the Pharmacy Management Academy breaks this Spring (2017) with whole day courses from 10am to 4pm taking place at 10 locations around the United Kingdom entitled “Working Better Together: How to build multidisciplinary and multiagency teams to improve patient care”.

This unique Academy programme will focus on how to deliver projects requiring the input of multiple teams or organisations. www.pharman.co.uk/pm-leadership/pm-academy

The Academy is free to NHS Pharmacists and takes place in conveniently located venues in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Chief Executive Officer of Pharmacy Management, John Stanley MRPharmS, stated:-

“The Academy is now in its 7th year with our team of trainers who have structured the training to meet the unique needs of pharmacy – so experience and practicality are on offer in great amounts!

The programme is supported by sponsorship from a number of pharmaceutical companies – many who have sponsored previous programmes.

We have researched the programme and content very thoroughly and are confident that it will provide excellent guidance and skills for all pharmacists”.

To book your place – simply go to www.pharman.co.uk/events

Travelling expenses at standard rate are being reimbursed for this programme by Pharmacy Management.

For further information, please contact Katie Fraser (Senior Executive Assistant, Pharmacy Management) at katie.fraser@pharman.co.uk or on 01747 829501.

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