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Ahead of further cuts to community pharmacy funding, PHOENIX Group has announced that it will not be imposing a fuel surcharge on any of its member pharmacies in the UK, including all Numark members. The decision has been taken in consideration of the financial restrictions that independent community pharmacies are currently facing as a result of the funding cuts.

The additional 7.4 per cent funding cut to the original level of NHS funding received by community pharmacies will be implemented from 1 April 2017, potentially forcing pharmacies to operate with significantly less resource.

‘Independent community pharmacies are under immense pressure right now,’ said John D’Arcy, Managing Director of Numark, ‘the last thing they need is an added financial burden, no matter what the rationale behind that might be.

‘As a business, the main objective of any community pharmacy at the moment is to remain profitable, which can be very difficult if we are not mindful of the challenges facing the sector. At Numark, we are committed to helping them as much as we possibly can by equipping them with the financial and practical support they need in these turbulent times.’

Since the official announcement of the funding cuts in December, Numark has been working to help members combat the foreseeable negative impacts of the funding cuts.

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