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From Calder Pharmacy in Edinburgh’s south-western side, to Barnton Pharmacy in the more affluent north west, community pharmacists deal with health and social care issues that vary according to their patients’ circumstances. Charles Shanks and Sally Arnison give SP an insight into…


As with any big city, Edinburgh is rich in diversity and steeped in history. Yet, for all of its diversity, one thing remains unwavering: the care and support that its community pharmacists have for their patients.



Edinburgh – The Statistics
  • The most recent official population estimates (2014) are 464,990 for the city of Edinburgh and 492,680 for the local authority area, making Edinburgh Scotland’s second largest city after Glasgow and the seventh largest in Britain
  • 5 per cent of Edinburgh’s population are in their 20s (exceeded only by Aberdeen) and 15.2 per cent are in their 30s – which is the highest in Scotland
  • 83 per cent of Edinburgh residents (335,000) were born in Scotland, with 58,000 or fourteen per cent born in England
  • 47 per cent of the non-UK born population in Edinburgh is of European origin, which is amongst the highest for any UK city.
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