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Thealoz® Duo Gel is a new gel based dry eye drop from Thea Pharmaceuticals that is formulated to extend the ocular surface residence time1 of the innovative Thealoz® Duo artificial tear introduced earlier this year.   This prolonged effect makes it ideal for night time use, in conjunction with Thealoz Duo for use through the day.


Thealoz Duo is a clinically proven2,3 eye drop for the treatment of dry eye and combines Sodium Hyaluronate with Trehalose, a natural disaccharide which uniquely protects cell membranes from extreme dryness and improves residence time on the ocular surface4.


The addition of carbomer 0.25% (lubricant gel) in Thealoz Duo Gel has been shown to significantly extend the increase in tear film thickness5 when compared with gels containing only hyaluronic acid or polyethylene glycol, meaning less frequent instillation is needed.


Thealoz Duo Gel and Thealoz Duo are preservative free.  Thealoz Duo Gel 30 unit doses RRP is £10.99 and Thealoz Duo 10ml RRP is £13.99.  Both products are also available on prescription.


PIP CODE: 396-9359         392-7412   


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