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Unique System Capable of Preparing Medication in over 100 Multi-Dose Blister Packs/Hour

London, UK: Synergy Medical, an expert manufacturer of automated pharmacy systems, is delighted to launch its new SynMed® Ultra, the unique system capable of high throughput dispensing of solid oral medications in blister packs. This versatile automation helps pharmacists accurately prepare patients’ medication by filling over 100 multi-dose blister packs/hour with hundreds of different tablet types.

Based on Synergy Medical’s tried and trusted SynMed® XF system, the new SynMed® Ultra’s virtually error free pick and place technology significantly improves precision, as well as patient safety by replacing manual pack filling, where dispensing accuracy can be as low as 90 percent because of the skill and energy levels of each technician. This new system is less than double the size in footprint of the SynMed® XF, yet provides up to three times the production capacity, dispensing solid medication in up to 4000 blister packs/week every eight-hour shift.

The new SynMed® Ultra system is fast and with just two technicians overseeing its operation can every hour process up to 240 single-dose packs or more than 100 multi-dose blister packs containing an average of seven different prescriptions. This is a fraction of the time it would take to fill these packs manually and the increase in productivity means that pharmacies can confidently grow their businesses to meet the demand for new prescription fulfilment contracts, while giving pharmacists more time for more patient-centric activities such as Medicines Use Reviews, clinical consultations and patient training.

The SynMed® Ultra will be easy to implement as its core technology is based on the SynMed® XF, which pharmacists in many major community pharmacy hubs across the UK, France, and Southern Ireland say that just a few weeks after installation is up and running successfully.

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The new system includes SynMed® XF’s versatility and can prepare multi-dose blister packs using more than 30 pack formats from all the leading pack manufacturers. By utilising the system’s easy on-site calibration technology, the SynMed® Ultra also offers the ability to switch to more cost-effective generic drugs at the pharmacy rapidly and safely.

Michel Guerra, Vice President, Sales and Business Development Europe at Synergy Medical explained: “Synergy Medical only specialises in developing, manufacturing, implementing and servicing blister pack automation and because we have installed so many systems across North America and Europe, we have become experts in listening to, supporting and fulfilling the needs of different pharmacies. Our customer-focused approach has led to the development of our new SynMed® Ultra. The system has been trialled and validated in a Canadian central fill pharmacy that serves over 400 branches and several thousand patients per week. Its precision, speed and flexibility make the SynMed® Ultra ideal for hub and spoke pharmacies or larger pharmacies that don’t have a lot of space but want to increase capacity without compromising on quality or employing new staff.”

Guerra added: “Pharmacists visiting us on Stand PE12 at the Pharmacy Show in Birmingham can get more information on our all new SynMed® Ultra and our well-established SynMed® XF technology. We look forward to welcoming them and discussing which system would be the right choice to help them easily increase their pharmacy’s capacity to accurately dispense solid dose medication in a large range of blister packs.”

Want to find out more about the new SynMed® Ultra? Then click this link today: http://synmedrx.com/ultra/

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