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Intrapharm laboratories have announced that a full supply of Inhixa (Enoxaparin Sodium) to the U.K. market is guaranteed.  In recent months, the Low Molecular Weight Heparin market (LMWH) has seen considerable supply disruption and volatility, which has placed hospitals and pharmacies in the position of managing scarce supplies.


Intrapharm launched Inhixa (Enoxaparin Sodium), the first biosimilar of Enoxaparin Sodium, indicated for VTE prophylaxis and DVT treatment to the U.K. market in September 2017


Inhixa (Enoxaparin Sodium) is available from AAH, Phoenix and Movianto, in 5 presentations in packs of 10 prefilled syringes with active needle guard.


Trade contact:



Trade orders:


Tel:        01234 248632

Fax:       01234 248705

Email:  orders.UK@movianto.com


Basic NHS price for packsize 10 prefilled syringes with needle guard: 20mg/0.2ml – £16.69; 40mg/0.4ml -£24.22; 60mg/0.6ml -£31.41; 80mg/0.8ml -£44.10; 100mg/1ml -£57.84

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