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Dietitian and Physiotherapist from Regional Hospital Mullingar Collaborate to Launch “First of Its Kind” Weight Management Guide.

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Regional Hospital Mullingar, as part of the Ireland East Hospital Group, launch the first Weight Management Guide. The launch took place in the Regional Hospital Mullingar, where the booklet was developed by the hospitals Dietitian and Physiotherapist. The guide, which is free to both healthcare professionals and patients gives practical advice to managing weight. Currently no resource like this exists, taking a universal approach, incorporating dietetic and physiotherapy advice to helping people manage their weight. It is not a weight loss, diet or exercise workout guide, but rather a guide to living a healthy lifestyle on a day to day basis and managing your weight by following the simple yet effective guidelines outlined in this easy to use booklet.

Shona Schneemann, General Manager of the Regional Hospital Mullingar., “This booklet is not a guide to losing weight. It’s a guide to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. We want to encourage people to make two or three small changes in their lives. Get comfortable with them over time. Then make another two or three changes”.

 The booklet was developed by Regional Hospital Mullingar’s Chartered Physiotherapist, Noeleen Bourke, Anne Marie Keogh, Registered Dietitian, Grainne Flanagan, Dietitian Manager and Mary Wallace, Physiotherapy Manager. Research for the booklet has been conducted for over a year with information included from organisations like Safe Food and Croi, as well as guidance from medical experts like Professor Donal O’Shea who is HSE Clinical Lead for Obesity.

Regional Hospital Mullingar’s Chartered Physiotherapist, Noeleen Bourke said, “The aim of the booklet is to help educate, motivate and inform people about as many weight related issues as possible. Speaking to patients they can become overwhelmed by all the different aspects when it comes to maintaining their weight. This booklet will hopefully act as a simple guide that will aid people when it comes to their weight.”

The booklet will be available to any patient who requests help managing their weight, free of charge via the Ireland East Hospital Group’s website (http://www.iehg.ie/regional-hospital-mullingar). The guide will also help healthcare professionals when advising and treating patients. It will act as a reference guide when patients have any questions about how to manage their weight. Currently, the advice given is based on the healthcare professional’s experience and knowledge of evidence-based practice. This guide compiles this information into an easy to use format. This booklet will now be their first port of call.

This is the first step in helping those wanting to address any weight issues they may have. Regional Hospital Mullingar want to monitor people’s weight who attend their physio and dietetic services. By doing this it will give them a better picture of the needs and requirements of their patients and help shape any future guidelines created.

Please find the booklet and more information about Mullingar Regional Hospital at http://www.iehg.ie/regional-hospital-mullingar

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