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The INDIVION is VMI Care’s answer to the demands commonly seen in the pharmacy industry: a wider variation of items to dispense, stricter quality measures to satisfy with regard to risks of tablet damage and cross contamination together with stricter regulations with regard to materials in direct contact with the medicines.

The INDIVION produces daily dose pouch packs and can be seen as the core of VMI’s high volume range of automated dispensing solutions. The machine has an unrivalled capacity, producing up to 10,000 pouches per hour, while obtaining a very low error-rate and an absolute minimum of cross-contamination risks. The INDIVION furthermore is the most cost efficient solution available on the market.

Current pouch packaging machines are based on decades old technical principles and are not designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. For the increasing number of high volume automated dose dispensing hubs, a much higher level of efficiency is needed. And this is exactly what the VMI INDIVION delivers.

VMI has chosen a proven industrial robot for all canister handling inside the INDIVION, building on VMI’s experience in other markets. The machine is equipped with more than 1,000 smart, fast and highly reliable canisters with RFID technology. The maximum dropping height of the medicines is only 22 centimeters, reducing the risk of damaged tablets. The INDIVION is easily accessible and can be operated by a single operator.
Single dose, unit dose, multi dose, urgent orders, unexpected changes, produce to order, with the INDIVION combined with VMI’s PHARYS software suite it’s possible.

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