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Roche Diabetes Care today announced that it would offer free access to mySugr Pro diabetes management app for all adults with diabetes in the UK to help reduce burden on the NHS.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for the health system, necessitating new ways of working. As a company, we wish to offer our support by providing a year’s free access for all adults with diabetes to our diabetes management app, mySugr Pro, to help both patients and clinicians.

Free access to mySugr Pro (usually £20.99 per person per year) will help improve the experience of digital / telephone appointments for people with diabetes by providing blood glucose monitoring information remotely.

mySugr allows users to enter blood glucose results from any monitor and is already used by more than 2 million registered users worldwide and. Users can view estimated HbA1c at a glance and calculate their precise insulin dose recommendation. The Pro version has valuable additional features to enable people living with diabetes to better self-manage their condition.

This offer, which provides 12 months free access for each user, by using a code that can be redeemed until 30th September 2020, supports the recently published NHS England guide ‘to continue the proper management of people with diabetes while protecting resources for the response to coronavirus’.

People with diabetes can download the mySugr app to their smartphone and unlock the Pro version using the activation code. We recognise that there is no capacity within the NHS currently for healthcare providers to install additional software, so the healthcare provider need only provide an email address for people with diabetes to send PDF reports to.

Dr Claire Marriott, Medical Affairs Lead at Roche Diabetes Care said: “Supporting people with diabetes is essential at this time. Tools that support someone living with diabetes in their glucose management can also enhance remote consultations. This then has the added benefit of freeing up valuable time of our healthcare providers.”

The activation code and all further updates on our response to the coronavirus situation can be found on our website www.accu-chek.co.uk.

Michael Goetzl, Managing Director, Roche Diabetes Care UK & Ireland, said: “In these extraordinary times, the day to day challenges for people with diabetes remain unchanged and do not go away. The health system is having to adapt quickly to continue providing support whilst also prioritising resources for the fight against coronavirus. We have reviewed the way in which we at Roche Diabetes Care can further support people with diabetes and healthcare professionals during these unprecedented times. Offering access to this tool is one of the ways in which we can help.”

It’s now live and can be found here: –


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