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Alphega Pharmacy Members have been going to heroic lengths to support patients during this time of uncertainty, coping with unprecedented demand and changing their ways of working to protect staff and patients.

Alphega Pharmacy is helping its 1,022 community pharmacy members with a range of useful resources and tools hosted on its COVID-19 hub site to support their continuing commitment to serve patients and the NHS through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alphega Pharmacy has issued briefings on the developing situation, summarising the necessary actions and providing links to official guidance.

‘Keeping Alphega Pharmacy members informed by providing material that distils complex information into concise, actionable points is one of the best ways we can help,’ says Neil Scobie, Head of Alphega Member Offer & Engagement. ‘We’re taking out this complexity for members, and freeing up their time to better serve patients during this critical period.’

The Alphega Digital In-Pharmacy Tablets are being adapted to allow pharmacists to conduct online patient consultations, providing a continuity of service as more patients are having to self-isolate.

Alphega Pharmacy has put together a comprehensive COVID-19 Support Pack hosted on the Alphega portal COVID-19 hub site containing items to protect pharmacy staff and patients as they continue to operate through the crisis. The pack sent to all members includes:

 Face visors to protect pharmacy staff are provided free to members.

 NHS key worker IDs for staff to enable them to carry out their jobs with as little restriction as possible, for example, being able to put their children in school and use necessary transport links.

 Visuals aimed at enhancing patient communication have been sent to all members. These include a range of posters containing health advice and guidance on distancing within the pharmacy, zero tolerance and temporary opening hours.

 Mental health and wellness materials aimed at supporting pharmacy teams in these challenging times have been included in the pack.

 Alphega Acetate Sneeze Screens to provide a barrier to contagion at the counter are offered at a competitive price to members, delivered within 6 working days of placing the order.

‘We’re doing all we can to help members to ensure they can continue to support the communities in which they serve,’ added Raj Nutan, Head of Alphega Pharmacy UK. ‘We have already started to plan and develop products and services for our members to support them post COVID-19. In the interim, I would urge members to continue to contact Alphega Member Support or your Business Mentor for help and advice.’

To view the support flyer please CLICK HERE

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