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There are millions who suffer with dry eye disease every day and they know how painful, uncomfortable and inconvenient it can be.  Whilst there is no cure, it’s quite easy to control by following the Clinitas® Eye Care Regime to help reduce the symptoms.


  1. HEAT

Heating of the eyelids – do this by using the Clinitas® Eye Compress this will allow the meibomian oil to gently soften and become liquid again.



It is important to correctly massage and cleanse the melted oil from the glands in the eyelid that has been softened by the gentle heat generated by the Clinitas® Eye Compress.



After cleaning regime lubricate on a regular basis with. Clinitas® Soothe Eye Drops offer soothing, lasting relief and are preservative free and contact lens friendly. They are available in packs of single use vials or multi-dose bottle format.


Clinitas® Range

Clinitas® Eye Compress is a reusable compress which is warmed up in a microwave to provide moist heat to the eyes. The compress fabric uses SterileyesÆ, which is bound permanently to the fibres of the fabric to provide effective antibacterial protection against potentially harmful bacteria. It is proven to kill 99.9% of bacterial (data on file).


Clinitas® Soothe Eye Drops containing sodium hyaluronate, offer soothing, long lasting dry eye relief in BOTH resealable individual droppers and multidose soft dropper formats.


New Clinitas® 0.2% sodium hyaluronate is also available for mild to moderate dry eye and is an addition to Clinitas Soothe® 0.4% sodium hyaluronate for moderate and severe dry eye.  All Clinitas® eye drops are preservative free and contact lens friendly.


Clinitas Hydrate®

Clinitas Hydrate® is an overnight liquid gel, containing 0.2% Carbomer. It is an easy to use liquid gel drop for everyday ocular use.


Trade contact

All products are available to order directly from wholesalers including AAH & Enterprise, Numark &   Phoenix and Sigma.


Support, promotion materials and samples are available on request.


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