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Alliance Healthcare in the UK has announced its promise to reduce single-use secondary
plastic within the business by 60% within three years, as part of its “Getting drastic with
plastic” campaign. The plastics saving initiatives have been live within the business since
2019 and even the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have not stopped progress.

Alliance Healthcare UK recently started to roll out new reusable tote bins to replace plastic
bags and cardboard packaging to its Health and Beauty customers, as part of the initial
initiatives to reduce plastic. Julian Mount, Managing Director said:

“We recognise that as an  industry leader we must pioneer the way in reducing our impact on the environment. Our three year plan will entail an ambitious 35% reduction of single-use plastic secondary
packaging by September 2021.”

The work being carried out across the entire workforce includes: removal of invoice bags,
switching to paper bubble wrap and investment in reusable totes.

Jon Cornforth, Environment, Health and Safety Manager says: “Every year, over 2 million
units of single-use plastic bags and cardboard boxes will be removed from our operations,
considerably lessening Alliance Healthcare’s carbon footprint.”

To date, Alliance Healthcare UK has already saved over 39 tonnes and by the close of
fiscal-year 2021 will have saved 131 tonnes. The aim is to have reduced the overall use of
single-use secondary plastic by an impressive 60% by September 2022.

Alliance Healthcare UK team members will mark the launch of the “Getting drastic with
plastic” campaign with installations at each of its 14 Service Centre sites across the UK,
where colleagues can learn about the promise and get involved with the local initiatives
whilst also considering their own day to day behaviours that may impact the environment
and making a commitment to the planet.

The installation will be produced from completely plant-based materials to go along with the ecological theme of the action.

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