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Numark has unveiled an emotive new film to mark the year Pharmacy stood tall across UK communities. Featuring a montage of personal anecdotes from Numark member pharmacies – the three minute reel reveals a powerful narrative – exploring the challenges and experiences of Covid-19 while championing the many examples of how pharmacy teams have gone above and beyond, as they continue to serve their local communities throughout the pandemic. Highlighting the crucial role pharmacies have played within UK communities throughout 2020, the film is a celebration of stoic strength, resilience, teamwork and passion while the power of community is compelling. Indeed, perception of community pharmacy has never felt stronger in the wake of the pandemic with more than four fifths of the UK specifically calling-out community pharmacies as going above and beyond in 2020. Praised for staying open, putting their health on the line to serve so many different people coming through their doors and continually offering medical advice where required – Numark’s new film poignantlytouches on tales relating to all these valued aspects of pharmacy life.[1] Commenting on the release of the new film, Numark Managing Director, Jeremy Meader, says: “Community pharmacies have stood tall and true heroes have emerged over the course of 2020. I’m humbled by their strength, resolve and commitment as they continued to deliver, in the face of some of the most unprecedented challenges. “Our new film champions and celebrates all our members and serves as recognition for their heroic resilience. It’s a big thank you to all who continue to serve on the frontline of this pandemic. Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on community pharmacy and the significant value it brings to so many people’s lives. “Offering the best possible support to all our members continues to be of paramount importance as we look ahead to the New Year. We’ll continue to lobby Government for a fairer funding model and ensure we help drive more operational efficiencies forward with the launch of new service provisions. The value of community pharmacy has never been so powerful. 2021 represents a growth opportunity like no other – so stand tall and be ready to champion and capitalise on your pharmacy’s biggest strengths.” Offering face-to-face patient care, convenience and ease continue to be some of community pharmacy’s most valued strengths. Pharmacy is helping make up the heart of UK communities and continues to prove its worth as a vital healthcare pillar but also essential high-street and village amenity.[2] Commenting on life as a community pharmacist throughout the pandemic, Numark member pharmacist, Dimple Bhatia, Superintendent Pharmacist Director at Tollesbury Pharmacy in Essex, concludes: “Thermometers, hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial wipes, gloves and masks quickly became the new global currency back in March, coupled with rising stock prices, drug shortages and supply challenges. We very quickly became experts in health protection with no formal training to keep our patients and staff safe. We had to assess the risk and quickly overcome the fears of staff, customers, patients and families in our communities to be able to continue to deliver the highest standard of service possible. “But despite the immense pressures we’ve faced, I’m incredibly thankful of the support of our local community this year. My team and I have taken much strength from their continued custom, patience and kind words. All the cards, letters, handwritten notes from children, cakes, biscuits and messages of support, have helped us all walk just that little bit taller – especially after some very long 16-hour days.” Community pharmacy has seen many healthcare heroes and champions emerge in 2020 – to celebrate the year Pharmacy has stood tall, watch the Numark film below
A cut-down, one- minute edit is now live across Numark’s social media channels.
[1] Consumer research conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Numark, via a poll of 2,023 UK adults, November 2020. 83 per cent call-out community pharmacies as going above and beyond in 2020. Pharmacies are praised for staying open (56 per cent), putting their health on the line to serve so many different people coming through their doors (47 per cent) and continually offering medical advice where required (43 per cent). [2] Half of the UK cite convenience and ease as the most valued attributes of local pharmacy, with over a third (35 per cent) valuing the face-to-face care they receive when in-branch. 81 per cent acknowledge a pharmacy is essential for every high street and village community, with notably two thirds of 16-24-year olds, agreeing and more than three fifths (62 per cent) believe pharmacies help make up the heart of UK communities.
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