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A newly-published report has shown that the Borders have one of the best drug and alcohol treatment waiting times performance in the country.

One hundred per cent of Borderers seeking drug and alcohol support start treatment within the target waiting time of three weeks compared to the national average of 95%.

Associate Director of Public Health Dr Keith Allan said:

“We continue to work extremely hard with partners to ensure that those individuals who seek support for their drug use receive it in a timely manner, as this report reflects.

“Stigma can be a barrier to people seeking support and help, so it is important that we as a community are aware that the reasons for problem drug use can be complex and include both personal and social circumstances. People who have experienced adverse childhood experiences including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, bereavement and abandonment as well as adult trauma such as imprisonment and homelessness are all personal drivers for problem drug use. In addition social circumstances that play a role in problem drug use include poverty and inequality. Once someone experiences a drug problem they have more limited means of escaping poverty and chances of gaining paid employment are affected.

“If you or a loved one is concerned about drug or alcohol use, I would encourage you to seek the support which is available within the Borders, and nationally.”

Support for individuals and families

There are three drug and alcohol services that work across the Scottish Borders.  All agencies accept self-referrals or direct referrals from agencies.

  • We Are With You, 01896 757843: Support to anyone 16yrs and over concerned about their own drug or alcohol use or someone else’s.
  • NHS Borders Addictions Service, 01896 664430: Support to anyone 16yrs and over with drug/alcohol dependency and physical/mental health needs
  • Chimes, Action for Children, 01896 750173: Support to children and young people affected by parental alcohol and/or drug use; Parents and expectant parents experiencing problematic alcohol / drug use which is significantly impacting on their child(ren) / unborn baby

Scottish Families Affected by Drugs & Alcohol (SFAD) provides support to family members and friends who have been affected by the substance use of a relative or loved one. This includes a Bereavement Support Service for family members who have lost a loved one where drugs may have been a reason for their death, confidential helpline and Telehealth service.

Recovery People with problematic alcohol and drug use can and do recover and go on to lead healthy and full lives. A number of groups meet currently online across the Scottish Borders including music and creative writing groups.

Information available from We Are With You.   

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