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The recent Covd-19 pandemic brought an uncertainty and fear that no one had yet experienced. During this time, the rainbow became a symbol of hope.


Credit and recognition goes to all the staff who worked tirelessly throughout these difficult times, always showing courage and compassion in the face of trauma and sadness. Many people lost their loved ones, but the care and compassion shown by all the staff provided reassurance to those families that their loved ones were cared for and looked after.


The rainbow at the entrance of University Hospital Wishaw (UHW) is also a symbol of the dedication and recognition to all the staff who put those in their care first above their own fears and concerns during the pandemic. Many staff became almost invisible as the colours of the rainbow in their uniforms disappeared, to wearing white attire that included white gowns that then resembled the severity of the pandemic. The rainbow brings back the colourful array of identity in the uniforms again now worn by staff. The rainbow colours represent life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit.


Anne Leitch, chief of nursing, UHW, said: “The rainbow is a fitting tribute and a huge thank you goes to all the staff. It will be a constant reminder of the gratitude and recognition to those who worked under difficult and unpredictable times. It will also be a comforting thought for families knowing that their loved ones will always be remembered.”


Staff at UHW would like to acknowledge those who contributed to making the rainbow a symbol of gratitude. This includes staff from Serco, medical illustration, Cadzow Bridge Building Supplies, Stewarton Memorials, the spiritual care department and Mackay and Inglis, the company who made the sign.


A special thank you goes to Jimmy Grieve, volunteer gardener, who has given his time and expertise to transform the surrounding area of the rainbow into a wonderful display of plants and stone chippings.


Jimmy said: “I’ve been volunteering in the memorial garden for the last three years and it’s my privilege to be able to contribute to supporting families and staff. I’ve spoken to many families and staff who visited the memorial garden and the impact the pandemic had caused.


“The memorial garden is at the heart of my work and recently I was asked about preparing the grounds at the rainbow site. This is a very fitting tribute to say a huge thank you to all the staff. Many people have commented on the rainbow and how lovely the site is. Comments included ‘what a lift I get on entering the hospital’.”

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