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Commitment to Health and Wellbeing

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cadham Pharmacy


Cadham Pharmacy’s collection robots have massively improved its prescription productivity and service levels to the public. There are now 4700 people ordering and tracking their prescriptions: a service, which has proved vital to local patients during the pandemic. The pharmacy is now also offering an award-winning ear wax removal service, which has proven very popular throughout the community

haLLGLen Pharmacy


Pharmacist Lara Seymour and her team are very much focused on the provision of private clinics through the pharmacy: a service which she feels is very much needed in light of the reduced access to other healthcare services. At present, Lara is providing weight loss and vitamin B12 clinics, in addition to services via private PGDs, such as those for ear infections, strep A throat and fexofenoldine

mackinnon Pharmacy


Mackinnon Pharmacy staff are totally dedicated to supporting their patients with any health issues, whether that is with regard to treatment or referral to an appropriate healthcare team. The pharmacy was able to participate in the COVID vaccination scheme and set up early morning clinics from 7am, which was a massive help to the local community, particularly those who didn’t want to sit and wait in a busy pharmacy.

Leith Pharmacy


The team at Leith Pharmacy realised the distress that patients felt at not being able to see a healthcare professional face to face and so used the Pharmacy First and Pharmacy First Plus services to provide patients with the healthcare services that they required. There was huge demand for this service, with the entire pharmacy team dealing with several hundred consultations each month.

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