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Community Pharmacy team of the year

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waLLyford Pharmacy


The team at Wallyford Pharmacy aims to improve patient care and focus on its services being patient centred. The team therefore discussed how they could accomplish this and decided that it would be best to undertake further training in addition to using its social media platforms. The team now regularly reviews compliance with their patients, who are on CMS prescriptions, in order to check how they are managing with their medicines.


strathaven common Green

Boots has a unique place in the heart of the communities it serves. During the pandemic the Strathaven branch – which has been serving the 7.5k population of Strathaven for over 17 years – launched a new pharmacy system. Jacqueline Bauld took the time to ensure that the whole team were involved in a successful launch, despite much of the training being delivered virtually and by e-learning. Everyone was determined to make this work and to have the best outcome for the patients

Lindsay & GiLmour


At a time when the pharmacy team was striving to meet the challenges created by the global pandemic and was trying to continue to meet its community’s needs, they were faced with another disaster when the pharmacy was flooded by water ingress overnight from property above the pharmacy premises. What the team at Blackhall achieved was nothing less than remarkable and they have emerged stronger and more resilient than before.

stePPs Pharmacy


Stepps Pharmacy changed hands during the pandemic and then moved premises. Owner Ron Badger had also brought in a lot of technology and so the staff experienced a great deal of upheaval in a short period of time. Rather than being overwhelmed by this culture change, the entire team embraced the change and literally ‘got stuck in’ to learning about the new technology and about making the pharmacy the hub of the community. As a result, business practically doubled, with more than 10,000 prescriptions filled each month.

Lawthorn Pharmacy


Owner Richard Grahame, who bought the shop two and a half years ago, recognised very quickly that the pharmacy had a very small team and so, as soon as he took it over, he employed four extra team members, including an extra dispenser. Richard and the team always want to make the patient journey as easy as possible and so every member of staff works at the top of their game, focusing particularly on fast turnaround of prescriptions. As a result of the team changes, the number of prescriptions filled went from 6.5K to 10K per month.

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