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Pharmacist of the year

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douGLas Lynn

brouGhton Pharmacy, edinburGh

Douglas Lynn is a reliable, trustworthy, dedicated, ambitious pharmacist, who, having worked in community pharmacy throughout his career, took ownership of Broughton Pharmacy at the age of 28 during the pandemic. Douglas recognises the value of good leadership and invests in his team to ensure that they are in the best possible position to deliver the exemplary patient health services he strives for

dawn roberts


Dawn Roberts has been with LloydsPharmacy for more than 20 years. She works as a relief pharmacist, working anywhere that she is needed. Before the pandemic, Dawn worked on a part-time basis on secondment but, due to staff shortages, when branches were short on staff, she worked wherever she needed to go in order that the pharmacies could stay open. She also often worked overtime to make sure that patients got services they needed.

Joanne hoPe

barnton Pharmacy, edinburGh

Joanne joined Barnton Pharmacy in August 2018 and submitted her Independent Prescribing course portfolio in Feb 2020. Despite the stress involved, Joanne managed to carry on, stay positive and continue working towards running Pharmacy First Plus clinics. She also managed over 700 flu vaccines as an Independent Prescriber, trained to give COVID vaccines and helped out at the hubs in her spare time.

amanda douGaL

Lindsay & GiLmour

Amanda Dougal is responsible for a total of 16 Lindsay & Gilmour branches across Forth Valley, Fife, Edinburgh and The Borders. From a previous career in pharmaceutical manufacturing (for Boots), Amanda retrained as a pharmacist to pursue a motivation to provide access to quality healthcare for all. Amanda manages a team of 41 multi-disciplinary pharmacy professionals who service a diverse range of patient demographics and health needs across her geographical remit.

stePhen dickson

dickson chemist, GLasGow

Stephen’s experience in pharmacy covers many different areas. In addition to installing stateof- the-art technology in his pharmacies – including an Hbot chamber in the clinic in Rutherglen – he has also developed the pharmacy profession by always looking outwith the UK to see how patient care can be further improved. Stephen’s creation of Methameasure is available in practically every pharmacy in Scotland and England and is also available in South Africa.

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