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Team Member of the Year

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ashLey miLLer

cadham Pharmacy, GLenrothes

Ashley began working in Cadham Pharmacy when she was just 17 years old. She initially began an eight-week stint but, as owner Bernadette Brown says, ‘We have never looked back and I want to pay tribute to Ashley’s outstanding contribution to community pharmacy’. Two years ago, Ashley was given the opportunity to become a registered pharmacy technician and despite lockdown, COVID and the huge demands on her time, she successfully completed it.

thomas miLLs

tornaGrain Pharmacy, inverness

Thomas joined Tornagrain Pharmacy in the summer of 2020, starting out as a Medicines Counter Assistant. He then went on to complete his training as a dispenser and now performs this role extremely competently. His key responsibilities include customer and medical practice liaison, ensuring good communication throughout the team and assisting in the dispensary management in what is a quickly-developing new business.

ashLey Lower

haLLGLen Pharmacy, haLLGLen

Ashley mainly works on the front counter. As such, she is the first person that the patient sees and is very much focused on ensuring that the patient is greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. Ashley is responsible for the provision of repeat medicines and frequently reminds patients how to use their medicines. She also prepares MDS and has taken responsibility for the provision of the Pharmacy First service and for advising patients on how this works and what is available.

Lyndsay mcGuire

stePPs Pharmacy, stePPs

Twenty-five year old Lyndsay McGuire is a checking dispenser at Stepps Pharmacy. Lyndsay has worked at the pharmacy for about eight years, but took a break to work at another pharmacy before returning to Stepps Pharmacy two years ago. She has been able to bring the experience gained at the other pharmacy to Stepps Pharmacy and this has proved to be very beneficial to the pharmacy.

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