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NHS Lanarkshire is offering specialist support to anyone experiencing mental health issues and is ready to quit smoking.


Research shows that smoking remains more common among people with mental health problems than for those with good mental health.


Quit Your Way’s dedicated mental health nurses support Lanarkshire residents to quit smoking and give advice on suitable nicotine replacement products.


Quit Your Way is a free stop smoking service provided by NHS Lanarkshire, where trained and friendly advisers can be contacted for support to quit smoking.


Sharon Rankine, mental health nurse specialist at NHS Lanarkshire, said: “Stopping smoking is associated with improved mental health and overall wellbeing.


“Many people with a mental health diagnosis have successfully quit smoking with the help of our specialist service.


“It is often believed that the withdrawal from nicotine has a negative impact on mental health, however, the results are the opposite. Those who have successfully quit, regularly report improved self-esteem and confidence.


“People living with mental health conditions are just as motivated to quit as the rest of the population who smoke and stopping can lead to an improvement in mental health for those with depression, anxiety and stress as well as an overall better quality of life.


“Quitting smoking is achievable, and our specialist support is available when you’re ready.”


Bellshill resident Liam, who successfully quit smoking after using the service, said: “I had help from the Quit Your Way mental health nurses to support me to stop smoking.


“They gave me help and information which I found really clear given I have some learning disabilities. I was also provided nicotine gum which was a great support, I have now stopped smoking for five months and I am doing really well.


“It has made me feel much healthier and I’m saving so much money too.”


Quit Your Way is a free NHS stop smoking service. To find out more about specialist mental health support to quit and other stop smoking services, call the Quit Your Way helpline service on 0800 84 84 84 or visit QuitYourWay.scot.


Quit Your Way can be contacted Monday – Friday from 9am until 5pm.


You can also visit your local Community Pharmacy for FREE stop smoking support.


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