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Innovation & Enterprise
within Pharmacy Practice

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dickson chemist


Dickson Chemist installed a second Synmed into its newly-refurbished branch the in Cambuslang. This was necessary as the pharmacy had experienced a huge increase in the demand for MDS packs in what was already an overstretched environment. Staff are rotated so that everyone knows how to use the technology, building their skill set and giving them the opportunity to review monthly usage of drugs so that any potential drug issues or shortages can be anticipated and dealt with.

stePPs Pharmacy


Stepps Pharmacy was the first in the area to get a robot in June 2020. The dispensing robot ensures patient safety, making the process free from human error. All of the pharmacy team are very aware of the impact the shop has on the environment. For that reason, the delivery driver uses an electric car, thereby reducing the pharmacy’s carbon footprint. The staff are all also very aware of the amount of waste generated by the business in a week and a recycling bin has been introduced for all items that can be recycled.

reach Pharmacy


Reach Pharmacy set about developing the electronic CD Register function to make it a new generation e-CDR where it would be integrated into a PMR and take all entries for controlled drugs – that are labelled – straight into the CD register. This was achieved after three years of hard work, making the pharmacy the first third-party PMR integrated e-CDR on the market. The company’s mission is to digitise manual processes in the pharmacy and, in doing so, free up staff time to provide more profitable services.

Lindsay & GiLmour


The company is committed to delivering four or five pharmacy re-fits/redesigns per year to ensure that it provides a pharmacy environment and facilities, which meet the ever-evolving needs of both patients and staff. Each refit will be heavily influenced by the individual needs of the pharmacy’s patient demographic and the unique requirements of the local community it serves. For example, in the last year, Lindsay & Gilmour carried out a major upgrade to its pharmacy in Blackhall, Edinburgh, to reflect the evolving needs of its patients

Lawthorn Pharmacy


Owner Richard Grahame installed a robot in the pharmacy in order to put the pharmacy on a more ‘high-tech’ footing. The robot has made a massive difference in the delivery of pharmacy services by freeing up the team’s time. it also means that 1000 people every month do not have to go into the pharmacy – an extremely important factor given the recent challenges created by COVID-19.

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