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After completing this module you should:
• Identify the main stages of the wound healing process
• Identify patients who may experience difficulty with wound healing
• Describe the main categories of wound dresssings
• Link a preferred dressing to a specific type of wound


Dr Terry Maguire, Community Pharmacist.

Written: February 2019


Our skin is our largest organ. Skin protects us from the external environment assuring homeostasis of internal organs and tissues. The skin’s integrity therefore is essential to our individual wellbeing and survival and for this reason we evolved a sophisticated process of wound healing for damaged skin that involves, initially, stopping blood flow followed by a cell granulation process and finally epidermis replacement.
These processes are closely monitored and supported by the immune system ensuring microbes do not enter and dead tissue is disposed of. Wound dressings merely facilitate these natural healing processes by supporting an optimal healing environment.

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